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KoDaFe in NYC 2019

Monday, Jun 24, 2019 at 8:00PM

Ailey Citigroup Theater

  • Jun 2019

    24 Mon


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KoDaFe in NYC 2019

Monday, Jun 24, 2019 at 8:00PM

New York, NY , United States of America

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KoDaFe in NYC- Competion (June 24th)

i KADA Dance Company introduces our very first competition as a chance to win everyone's attention. For the first time in the KoDaFe in NYC, choreographers have been given a chance to compete with each other to win the grand prize of $800 as well as receive the opportunity to participate in i KADA Dance's annual show in November as a choreographer!! The time to join the competition is still going so if you are an artist, a choreographer, a dancer who wants to prove to the world that you are the one, join now and fight for the chance to become one of the top most recognized choreographers by i KADA Dance.


KoDaFe in NYC- Festival (June 25th &26th)

Our great line up of choreographers this year will showcase their individual pieces with their companies and fight for a chance to amaze the audience. The KoDaFe in NYC has been a traditional event of i KADA Dance since 2013 and each year, we are credited with showcasing one of the top most choreographs created by our very own competitors. Each of these choreographers input their full desire as well as emotions into creating pieces that leave stunning feelings soaring through the crowd. Cheers, laughter, bewilderment, as well as the pure feeling of joy is something we strive for. To be a part of the KoDaFe in NYC means to be able to spread the knowledge of dance as well as unlock and portray the emotions that are locked up inside of many.


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