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Jody Sperling/Time Lapse Dance 2nd Annual Spot for Dance Festival

Friday, Sep 20, 2019 at 2:00PM

Broadway between 100th and 101st Street

  • Sep 2019

    20 Fri


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Jody Sperling/Time Lapse Dance 2nd Annual Spot for Dance Festival

Friday, Sep 20, 2019 at 2:00PM

New York, NY , United States of America

International #ParkingDay and #GlobalClimateStrike

Sperling/Time Lapse Dance

conjunction with Community Board 7/Manhattan


2nd Annual Spot for Dance Festival

Movement Site Activation and Community Zone

September 20, 2019 from 2-7pm


Sperling/Time Lapse Dance
in conjunction with 
Board 7/Manhattan
Annual Spot for Dance Festival
a Movement Site Activation and Community Zone, on the occasion of
Parking Day 
Climate Strike
 on Friday,
September 20, 2019 from 2-7pm
The location is four curbside parking spaces on the West Side of
Broadway between 100th & 101st Streets. All programs are free.
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is an annual global event where citizens, artists, and
activists transform curbside parking spots into public space. By
drawing attention to the allocation of city land to private car
storage--a hidden-in-plain sight subsidy for CO2-emitting
vehicles--Parking Day helps the public creatively imagine a more
sustainable and vibrant future.


Climate Strike
 is a widespread demand for action to address
the urgency of the climate catastrophe. Climate Strike events are
aimed to disrupt our disastrous "business as usual"
mentality and to serve as a wake-up call for transformational action.


Zone 100/101.
 In the space of a single parking
spot, Community Board 7/Manhattan volunteers provide
a vital gathering hub for neighbors and visitors to share information
about sustainable urban design, recycling, tree planting, and climate
education resources. The zone features engagement activities for
children as well as awareness building and climate mobilization
networking for adults.


for Dance 
activates a streetscape that is normally occupied
by static vehicles with living, breathing, bodies, awakening a range
of sensations and movement experiences. The festival features
performances by host company Jody Sperling/Time Lapse
 as well as the Sokolow Theatre/Dance Ensemble,
choreographers Aviva Geismar and Nicole
. There will be free public workshops led by master
teachers Daria Fain (Qigong) and Naomi
Goldberg/Dances for a Variable Population
. Performance and
workshop themes explore climate change, social justice, age/ability,
and gender/racial identity. Understanding the intersectionality of
the climate crisis is critical to a stated goal of the Climate Strike
of "raising awareness in their communities and
pushing for solutions to the climate crisis that have justice and
equity at their heart."


Sperling/Time Lapse Dance's work
 focuses on the dynamic
relationship of the moving body and the world we inhabit. In a new
site-specific dance, Grid, with a
score by composer/musician Glen Fittin, seven dancers
tumble parallel to the rushing traffic of Broadway. Within this
concrete sliver of a streetscape, the choreography melds images of a
ghostly wilderness with the present-day urban ecology. Sperling also
continues her collaboration with cellist Scott
 creating a sonic site-specific improvisation that
playfully interweaves the cello's plaintive wails with passing
sirens. Lastly, the company reshapes excerpts from Wind
, Sperling's breath-filled collaboration with acclaimed
environmental composer Matthew Burtner. This work
visualizes local and global wind patterns which are being
dramatically altered along with climate change. The Time Lapse
Dancers are Frances Barker, Morgan Bontz, Carly Cerasuolo, Anika
Hunter, Andrea Pugliese, Deuana Robinson, and Indah Walsh.


The Sokolow
Theatre/Dance Ensemble
 (STDE) presents excerpts from the
great 20th century choreographer Anna Sokolow who brilliantly brought
social consciousness to her work. The company performs excerpts from
three masterworks. "Rooms" portrays the
psychic isolation and unfulfilled desires of people living in the big
city. From Three Poems, STDE presents a quartet for
four women alluding to the timeless archetype of sirens. Lastly, the
ensemble revives a suite of three solos from the 1930s and 40s that
still resonate powerfully today: Lament for the Death of the
Bullfighter; Ballad (in a popular style); 
and Kaddish. 


performs a new solo work-in-progress Trembling
between Poles,
 addressing the fear and anxiety of the
individual caused by our current geopolitical crises. Nicole
shares her solo, It's All Good Hair, which
makes space for a conversation between a black woman and her hair.
The piece examines American history, pop culture, and personal
narratives to explore how black women are socialized to value
Eurocentric beauty standards. 


for Dance also offers participatory experiences for people of all
ages and abilities
. Fain teaches Qigong workshop, sharing a
series of movements to create fluidity in the body and re-energize
the mind. Dances for a Variable Population, led by
founder and artistic director Naomi Goldberg Haas,
present "A taste of MOVEMENT SPEAKS®," the signature
program promoting strong and creative movement for adults of all ages
and abilities to improve mobility, balance, strength, connection,
joy, and creative mastery. The event closes with a Solidarity Action
Jam in which the artists, volunteers and the dance together in
celebration and solidarity with the climate movement.



2:00-7:00pm   Community
Zone Open Hours
2:00-2:30pm   Community
Zone/Climate Networking

2:30-3:00pm   Qigong

3:00-3:30pm   Jody
Sperling/Time Lapse Dance

3:30-3:45pm   Sokolow

3:45-3:55pm   Aviva

3:55-4:05pm   Nicole

4:05-4:30pm   Jody
Sperling/Time Lapse Dance

4:30-5:15pm   Dances
for a Variable Population

5:15-5:30pm   Sokolow

5:30-5:40pm   Aviva

5:40-5:50pm   Nicole

5:50-6:30pm   Jody
Sperling Time Lapse Dance
6:30-7:00pm   Climate
Strike Solidarity Action Jam



dancer-choreographer from NYC, Jody Sperling is the
Founder/Artistic Director of Time Lapse Dance. She has created 40+
works including many furthering the legacy of modern dance pioneer
Loie Fuller (1862-1928). Considered the preeminent Fuller stylist,
Sperling expanded the genre into the 21st century, deploying it in
the context of contemporary performance forms. She was nominated for
a 2017 World Choreography Award for her work on the French feature
film "The Dancer" (premiere 2016 Cannes Film Festival)
inspired by Fuller's life. Years of working in Fuller's idiom, which
involves kinesphere-expanding costumes, has influenced Sperling's
awareness of the body's relationship with the larger environment. In
2014, she participated in a polar science mission to the Arctic as
the first, and to date only, choreographer-in-residence aboard a US
Coast Guard icebreaker. During the expedition, she danced on Arctic
sea ice and made the short dance film "Ice Floe," winner of
a Creative Climate Award. Following that experience, Sperling has
focused on developing programs that engage creatively with climate. 


Lapse Dance 
(TLD), is an all-women dance company founded by
Jody Sperling in 2000. The company's mission is to forge dynamic
connections between dance and movements in culture, history, science,
visual arts, and music. Since inception, TLD has presented fifteen
seasons in Sperling's native NYC and toured to performing arts
centers nationally and internationally. Along with performances, TLD
offers outreach on arts/climate, family programs, workshops, and
masterclasses. TLD has received commissions from Marlboro
College/Vermont Performance Lab, University of Wyoming/NEA American
Masterpieces, and the Streb Lab for Action Mechanics. 


Fittin (Composer, 
Gridis an
Adjunct Professor and Dance Musician at Montclair State University.
He began his work as a Dance musician at Rutgers University where he
later recorded his CD entitled, Circulation with Michael Toal. He has
worked with choreographers Brit Falcon, Larry Keigwin, Robert Battle,
Michael Foley, Sean Curran, Donald McKayle, Gabe Masson, Aya
Shibahara and David Dorfman among others. Glen is the recipient of
Meet the Composer and Center for American Music grants for his scores
for dance. Focusing on the use of Voice, Piano, Electronics and
unusual percussion. His recordings include works by Glen Velez
(Rhythm Color Exotica Ellipsis Arts 1996), Bernie Worrell, Tigger
Benford, John Tchai, Joseph Jarman, Annea Lockwood, Dez Cadena,
Richard Barone, Tony Visconti, Valerie Naranjo, Montego Joe, Women of
the Calabash, The Rhythm Monsters, Marafanyi, Mbiradind and many
others. Glen has taught and performed at the Montclair State
University MFA program, Hofstra university, Bates Dance Festival,
American Dance Festival, Korea Drum Festival, Seoul Dance and Music
Improv. Festival, Rethimno Renaissance Festival Crete. Kaatsbaan
Dunham Master class (Tivoli NY). His theater credits include The Lion
King on Broadway and Shrek the Musical. TV credits include Late Show
with Stephen Colbert. His current projects include Duo music with
bassist Scott Hogan, fusion group One More Once, and his solo project
entitled 400 Volts.


Burtner (Composer, 
is an Alaskan-born composer and sound artist who creates music from
materials and data of climate change, particularly related to the
Arctic. Burtner spent his childhood in the far north of Alaska and
this profoundly shaped his musical language. He is the leading expert
on the eco-acoustics of snow and ice, and has worked extensively with
systems of climatology applied to music. First Prize Winner of the
Musica Nova International competition, and an NEA Art Works and IDEA
Award winner, Burtner's music has received honors and prizes from
Bourges (France), Gaudeamus (Netherlands), Darmstadt (Germany) and
The Russolo (Italy) international competitions. His concert music has
been performed in festivals and venues throughout the world, and
commissioned by ensembles such as NOISE (USA), Integrales (Germany),
Peak FreQuency (USA), MiN (Norway), Musikene (Spain), Spiza (Greece),
CrossSound (Alaska), and others. He teaches composition and computer
music at the University of Virginia, and directs the environmental
arts non-profit organization, EcoSono (


Scott Johnson
 (Cellist) is
an architect, artist and musician whose work explores public space,
performance and memory. In 2016, Johnson founded XDEA Architects, an
interdisciplinary design studio based in New York. Prior to XDEA,
Johnson was a Principal with architects Diller Scofidio + Renfro,
working on projects such as The Shed, Museum of Modern Art expansion
and the High Line. As a cellist and composer, Johnson explores the
concepts of breath and harmonics to activate the vast space between
12 traditional tones, inspired by jam sessions with filmmaker Barbara
Hammer while developing various realizations of Hammer's 
His visual score of Hammer's film, 
written and performed for the Whitney Museum of American Art
installation was published by Inpatient Press in 2018. Together,
Johnson and Hammer presented 5 screenings of 
the Berlin Film Festival in 2018, where Johnson wrote and
for Cello and Film 
accompany the film score, the only live performance at the festival.
As an architect, Johnson collaborated with Hammer to design a white
box immersive version of the film, currently on view at the
Contemporary Arts Museum Houston and the Wexner Center for the Arts
in Columbus, Ohio.


(1910-2000) was born in Hartford, Connecticut and
began her training at the Neighborhood Playhouse with Martha Graham
and Louis Horst. In the 1930's she was a member of the Graham Dance
Company and assisted Mr. Horst in his dance composition classes.
During this period, in addition to her association with the WPA dance
unit, she formed her own company and began choreographing and
performing solo concerts and ensemble works Ms. Sokolow's interest in
humanity led her to create works of dramatic contemporary imagery
showing both the lyric and stark aspects of the human experience. Her
vast range of repertory includes drama, comedy, and lyricism with her
commentaries on humanity and social justice threaded into each of her
works. In a 1965 Dance Magazine article she wrote
that there were no "final solutions to today's problems,"
but that she "could simply provoke an audience into awareness."
Ms. Sokolow's works are performed by the Sokolow Theatre/Dance
Ensemble, and are in the repertories of numerous other companies
around the world. Anna Sokolow passed away in her home in New York
City on March 29, 2000 at the age of 90.


(Artistic Director of Anna Sokolow Theatre/Dance
Ensemble) After performing with Anna Sokolow's Players' Project for
eleven years, and as a founding member of Sokolow Theatre/Dance
Ensemble since 2004, Ms. Geracht was appointed artistic director of
Sokolow Theatre/Dance Ensemble in January of 2017. Ms. Geracht has
toured and taught Sokolow internationally, and reconstructs Sokolow
repertory on professional companies and in college and university
dance programs. She has reconstructed Sokolow work at a variety of
dance programs including The Boston Conservatory, Franklin and
Marshall, Barnard College, Morris County Community College, Centre de
Danse Nationale de Paris, Kanopy Dance company, Ellen Robbins Dance
as well as worked with various soloists including Jennifer Conely,
Kim Jones, and Sandra Kauffman.Ms. Geracht has also performed the
Humphrey/Weidman repertory with Deborah Carr Theatre Dance Ensemble,
and with Gail Corbin since 1993. She regularly works with Rae
Ballard's Thoughts in Motion, and she has also performed with Jim
May, as a guest artist with David Parker and The Bang Group as well
as in her own choreography. In 2016 she choreographed Shadowbox
Theatre's The Earth and Me, a climate change puppet/dance opera for
school aged children.


is a choreographer, dance educator and the Artistic
Director of Drastic Action, a NYC-based contemporary dance company.
Drastic Action uses dance to create connections across lines of
difference. Through education programs and performances, the company
offers individuals opportunities for serious reflection,
self-expression and empowerment. In 2016 Drastic Action's
project, Dis/Location (Fort Tryon), explored the
immigrant experience in the largely immigrant neighborhood of
Washington Heights with a site-specific performance and workshops in
a neighborhood middle school. From 2006-2010, Drastic Action
developed two cultural exchange programs with Germany in partnership
with the Battery Dance Company. These projects, "Dances for the
Blue House" and "Dancing to Connect," focused on
tolerance within the context and legacy of the Holocaust,
particularly relevant content in the stratified Germany of that time.
Geismar's dances have been performed in prominent venues including
Inside/Out at Jacob's Pillow, Danspace Project, Dance Theater
Workshop, Dance New Amsterdam, Wilhelma -Theater (Stuttgart) and Haus
der Berliner Festspiele, and she has received support from LMCC,
NYC-DCA, Bay and Paul Foundations, Mary Duke Biddle Foundation, Jody
and John Arnhold Foundation and others. 


Y. McClam
, CMA, MFA enjoys exploring the awesomeness of dance
with her students at Queensborough Community College and bouncing to
and fro as a founding member of B3W Performance Group based in
Queens, NY. Her work has been presented in Wahington, DC, Baltimore,
MD, Brooklyn and Potsdam NY, and Lubbock, TX. A DC native, she was a
long-time member of Deborah Riley Dance Projects. prior to that, she
apprenticed with the Pennsylvania Dance Theater for their 2000-2001
season where she had the pleasure of performing works by Ben
Munisteri and Claire Porter. She received her MFA in Dance while also
pursuing her studies in the Laban Certification Program at the
University of Maryland, a BFA in Dance Performance and a BA in
Chemistry from East Carolina University.


 has 35 years of experience in studying Chinese
energetic and is a Universal Healing Tao (UHT) instructor since 2001.
UHT is a system developed by Grand Master Mantak Chia.


in 2005 by 
Goldberg Haas, Dances for a Variable Population (DVP) 
strong and creative movement among adults of all ages and abilities.
DVP's programming includes: a multigenerational performance company
that engages community members as participants and audiences;
Movement Speaks® and Dances for Seniors, free, community-based
programs for older adults in four boroughs of NYC; performance and
choreographic opportunities for older professional dance artists.
DVP's site-related performances have been presented in some of New
York City's most iconic public spaces, including The New York
Botanical Garden, Times Square, Washington Square Park, and the High
Line. Artistic Director Goldberg Haas has worked in concert dance,
theatre, opera and film; performed with Pacific Northwest Ballet; and
was recently awarded LMCC's President's Award for the Performing Arts
and serves of the Age Friendly Media, Arts and Culture Working Group
as appointed by the Mayor.


2nd Annual Spot for Dance Festival is made possible in part with
public funds from Creative Engagement, supported by New York State
Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the
New York State Legislature and administered by LMCC. LMCC serves,
connects and makes space for artists and community.



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